Review of Play2Win Casino

What a case of telling it like it is! Whoever chose to sit down and design Play2Win definitely knows the attitude of the majority of players. They are definitely here with the express purpose of winning money, and anything less will simply not suffice.

Fortunately, our ability to play and win – which is contingent upon our being on the website long enough to sign up and play – is aided by the fact that this is a really clean, very contemporary, and fairly unique website in terms of design. From the start, you can see that it was either just redesigned or is not a very old web domain based on the design choices made.

Exceptional Slider

The landing page’s centerpiece is a slider picture that is effortlessly integrated into the website’s design. This means no more unattractive, constricting boxed-in images. Simply a continually cycling sequence of backdrop images that seem natural as part of the page itself. The images feature an appealing croupier, a cartoon slot machine bragging about the site’s over 150 slots, and a slew of caricatures referencing some of the new-style 3D games that are available to play on the site.

Meanwhile, static text on the right indicates that you will earn a 300 percent incentive up to £2222 as a welcome bonus for investing in the site. That is quite an offer. Below that, a series of menu links that actually contain some nice images illustrating what the associated page will contain, a total jackpot ticker (well over £2million at the time of writing this review), and finally, a series of other menu links that are less immediate in nature and focus more on the fine print/fine details, such as information on the VIP Club, Promotions and offers, and Security. However, let us begin from the beginning.

Games & Additional Games

If you’ve been playing casino games for a long, you’re probably familiar with two basic sorts of online casinos: those that provide a large number and diversity of games, and those that don’t. The second is the sort that is just a little too restrictive and seems to concentrate only on a few games.

Fortunately, Play2Win falls squarely into the latter group. There are several games to pick from, much more than this review can possibly cover, and as such it’s probably better to focus on a few of the most popular. Slots are unquestionably one, and as such, let us begin here.

We’ve always had a thing for slots. Inspired by the old one-armed bandits seen in pubs, these are excellent ways to have some quick fun, earn some quick money, and generally feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins. When it comes to slots, Play2Win definitely has a lot to offer, and even better, you don’t even need to click on the choice to see what’s within — holding the mouse over the menu option brings up a brief row of game names that serves as a taster and also demonstrates the site’s sophistication.

Additionally, Progressive Jackpots, Video Poker, Table Games, Bingo, and Special Games are available. While the majority are self-explanatory and do precisely what they say on the tin, a few may benefit from our additional advice. Baccarat, Blackjack, Casino Battle, and Pai Gow Poker are all examples of table games. Meanwhile, Special Games are games created just for this site and provide sometimes humorous, always simple fun for anybody to participate in.

How is the Promotion You Mentioned going?

Appropriately remembered. As previously stated, a promotion is now underway for all new members, who will earn nothing less than a 300 percent match bonus up to £2222 (or $ or €) as a thank you for joining. Alternatively, this may be exchanged for a cash refund equal to the original purchase price. By half, it’s not awful.

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